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RWMP Domain Structure

The Regional Wildfire Mitigation Program takes a holistic approach to wildfire mitigation by developing solutions across three primary Resilience Domains: Landscape, Built Environment and Community. Domain leads will collaboratively develop a region wide understanding of regional wildfire risk and then tailor solutions that are best suited to address the nuance of each domain.

RWMP Conceptual Model

Landscape Resilience Icon

Landscape Resilience Domain

The Landscape Resilience Domain will develop and propose a fire-resistant buffer or “greenbelt” area in strategic locations within the program area to create wildfire resilient green space, working lands, and habitats. Program outcomes will also provide numerous co-benefits that support watershed and coastal ecological health using a suite of tools including:

  • Live oak shaded fuel breaks
  • Habitat restoration
  • Prescribed herbivory
  • Hydrated and agricultural  buffers
  • Land Conservation

Built Environmental Resilience Domain icon

Built Environment Resilience Domain

The Built Environment Resilience Domain will build local capacity to retrofit and increase the resilience of homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure for wildfire threats. Through in-depth mapping and assessment of physical risks, the Built Environment Domain will prioritize retrofit and mitigation programs in areas that will provide the highest community benefit.

The non-profit organization, Community Wildfire Planning Center (CWPC),  leads this domain and works closely with the following stakeholders:

  • Santa Barbara County Fire Department
  • Local fire districts
  • Local planning and public works departments
  • Community leaders

The goal of the Built Environment Domain is to ensure equitable implementation of any recommended retrofit programs or additional mitigation activities.

farmland and residences by the ocean in California

Community Resilience Domain icon

Community Resilience Domain

Through collaboration with the Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council, the Community Resilience Domain engages, educates, and trains local residents and communities to increase their resilience to wildfire by:
  • informing residents and communities of their wildfire risk by conducting home evaluations
  • encouraging communities to join the Firewise USA® Program
  • hosting events that promote wildfire education and preparedness
  • working directly with communities to reduce their wildfire risk
The Community Domain strives for equitable outcomes for vulnerable and underserved communities. To accomplish this goal, the Domain Lead will identify and support these communities by working with community leaders to understand their needs and offer customized tools and resources to make their communities more resilient for the next wildfire.