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What is an RWMP?

A Regional Wildfire Mitigation Program (RWMP) is a comprehensive program to address wildfire risk across three program areas, or domains: the landscape, the built environment and communities. The program will create a data-driven prioritization process for projects from each domain that should collectively mitigate wildfire risk, make the region more resilient and create benefits for ecosystems, hydrology and livelihoods across the South Coast of Santa Barbara County.

What is the relationship between the RWMP and the Regional Priority Plan (RPP)?

The RWMP and the Regional Priority Plan (RPP) are separate but complementary initiatives that share a single goal: to help Santa Barbara County increase its resilience to wildfire. The Regional Priority Plan is a county wide project that has identified a wide variety of resilience projects and establishes a knowledge network that allows stakeholders to more easily identify opportunities and apply for funding.  The RWMP will build upon this effort by working at a smaller scale (the South Coast of Santa Barbara County) to assess risk to specific communities and resources and deploy resources to quickly implement projects to protect them. The RWMP will also help the Santa Barbara Fire Safe Council to grow and develop its capacity and have a greater impact.

How is the RWMP different from the Community Wildfire Protection Plans in Santa Barbara County?

Community Wildfire Protection Plans are an important tool for communities to identify hazards and vulnerabilities and create a plan that addresses some of the issues, most commonly through strategic fuels management efforts. The existing CWPPs  that cover  the South Coast of Santa Barbara County have laid the groundwork for the Regional Wildfire Mitigation Program to utilize a tool set focused on risk mitigation AND developing long term regional resilience.

How can I stay informed about this program?

The best way to stay involved in this program is to check back in to the RWMP website periodically and check on the News tab.

How can I get involved with this program?

The best way to get involved with the program is to reach out through the Contact page.